Friday, July 27, 2007

Mr. Easter Egg

One of the best character traits of the Dachshund is his sacrificial love. The Dachshund remains concerned and on-guard at all times. He does so, not because he gets pleasure out of barking at anything that moves or does not move, not because every passing object deserves suspicion, not because he is a senslessly paranoid creature; the Dachshund never lets down his guard because of his inalienable duty to protect those around him.

Let's just consider that at any moment during these seemingly benign Easter photos, a bear or some other unknown terror could charge forth from the azalea bush in the background there, leaving little recourse for the Dachshund except to dispatch the threat.

Living with a Dachshund, it's become pretty easy to spot the tell-tale signs that the Dachshund is on duty: The ears are set high in full banner, able to pick up threat-sounds at great distances; the baby claws are extended and the paws are squirmy; the eyes, the eyes tell the real story of living without a moment of relaxation: the brow is permanently furrowed and the eyes are deeply concerned.

The result of the Dachshund's vigilant mien? Take a look at the humans in the snaps above: they are eerily sedated, without a care in the world. As always, we thank you, Bug.

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