Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mr. No More Barking

I sincerely hope that Bug does not read this blog, because I've got to let you in on something that he's still a little sensitive about. Over Easter, while at the Burnham's, we staged an intervention; for, our baby Dachshund has a little problem the very expensive Vet on Hudson Street has diagnosed as BarkingAllTheDamnTime syndrome.


Kim said...

I'm reporting this to PETA.

hadley said...

yes i must say his marking is driving me crazy! im not sure how much longer i can handle him here.

vanessa said...

Katrina: listen, i don't know what's happening in the bug household, but i could really use an update

-- gchat from katrina svoboda, ES '05

another who believes the name of the site should be changed to