Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mr. Pong

Well, as many of you have heard, Bug recently traveled to the great nation of Florida. While in Florida, he kept mentioning how good he was at Ping Pong; He went so far as to say that Ping Pong skills ran in his family, that his frail German grandmother could beat us in Ping Pong, that his Buddhist cousin could beat us with his eyes closed, ... you get the idea.

Eventually we took him up on the challenge.

He surveyed the table, complained of a few irregularities, and we got started.

Next came a great surprise: Bug couldn't play Ping Pong. He couldn't even hold the paddle! The picture below, was forced upon us by Bug - He's not really playing. If you look carefully you can see Bates' hands holding the sad sap.

I don't know why we ever believed that Bug could play Ping Pong. It should have come as no surprise since 80% of all Dachshunds do not, by any stretch of the imagination, know how to play.


Jan said...

Perhaps bug can play but was suffering from heat exhaustion.

Elyssa said...

Poor Bug. Bates could have made more of an effort to hide her hands in that picture. Let him have his pride!

vanessa said...

but can he play tennis?

Stosh said...

he may suck at ping pong...but bug smoked me at beer pong last week.