Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mr. Longneck

Having accidentally captured this snap of The Beast recently, I felt compelled to investigate The Bug's lineage in hopes that I might come to understand what the HECK he is doing here!!

In order to conduct my search I had to consult the German National Genealogical Archive, since after all, he is German (see post explaining the origin of his breed name here).

I thought I'd start with his close relatives: I pulled up an image of his grandmother.

Ok, the long neck is clearly part of what we're seeing here but this doesn't seem to tell us much. I moved on and pulled up an image of his great uncle.

Hmm, this image seems to make a bit more sense. The Bug is typically horizontally longy, not vertically longy. I had to go deeper into Bug's family. I pulled this image of his great great grandfather on his mother's side.

Alright, here we see the long neck used to reach leaves in high places. I think we're getting close. I next found an image of Bug's great (x5) grandfather, once-removed.

Same sort of thing here. Very long neck. Certainly longer than Le Bug's. The last relative I came across actually bore striking resemblance to our little Animal, exhibiting the same long neck, tail, talons, and red-lizardy features.