Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mr. Baby Doppelganger

When Bug came into the world he was alone without anyone at all. I could tell you he had 4 brothers, 2 sisters, his father Tyranosaurus Rex, his mother Princess, and a loving family of Russian immigrants, but that would detract from the feelings of pity that I'm trying to create and that Bug would appreciate. Being so alone, it was a relief for Bug to find one friend, FauxDoxie, to show him around and teach this and that.


vanessa said...

Mr. Bug,

Since when did this site go from bug-a-day to bug-a-wheneverthehellifeellikeit?

You've caused enough trouble around this office with your constant lack of attention to detail and whetting your appetite for drama by stirring up office politics/gossip every chance you get. I'm not even going to go into your massive abuse of "sick days" which we all know you're taking to make extra money moonlighting as a model.

Update the site or you will come in one day to find your little bed moved out of the nice office with a window and sitting in a cubicle.


A disgruntled coworker

Bug Barley said...

Dear Disgruntled,

It is apparent that you have not grasped the stresses and pressures an ordinary Dachshund must surmount on a daily basis. Ensuring security, order and efficiency in both the home and the workplace is a taxing duty. Mainting a weblog on top of that requires a dogged endurance.

Thank you for your patronage; I hope I have managed to sufficiently gruntle you.

Bug Barley