Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mr. Small and Hard to Notice

Since we are already aware of the Dachshund's keen senses, it's time to test yours. You are charged with finding the baby Dachshund in the following snaps.

Let's start with an easy one, a warm-up.

Yes, that's correct. The baby Dachshund has put himself inside the pillow. He has also covered the baby Dachshund nose.

Ok, we'll ramp up the challenge slowly; here is the next one:

Correct. We see the Dachshund has this time obscurred everything but the nose inside someone's hoodie.

Getting a little more difficult...

I think we're seeing a theme: the baby Dachsund can usually be found in warm burrows. Only the baby Dachshund foot is left out in the cold here. (A reminder to those of you who are newer to the Internets: you can click the picture for a larger version)

Alright, think you're warmed up? Find the baby...

That's right. He's helping Kim drive the Previa (the "Automobubble").

Getting a little more difficult here.

Yes, that is he, perched atop the stairs, there with his tiny Dachshund-head.

Alright, we'll move on to a more challenging locale: the New Jersey Transit train.

Yes, the baby Dachshund is doing who-knows-what on the NJT. Well done, everyone. Please report your scores as comments. Bug will review them at his leisure; for he is a baby-Dachshund of leisure.

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