Friday, August 3, 2007

Mr. Bad

Dear Bug-A-Day readers,

I write to you today to announce the potential end of Bug-A-Day. Yes, Bug has threatened to shutdown this site, "and all the rest of the websites on the Internet," unless I start writing more truthfully about Dachshunds and baby Dachshunds. Apparently word got around that I was occasionally alluding to the fact* that Bug is a bad Dachshund and was a bad baby Dachshund during his youth. Bug says his sources even reported hearing that he was mischievous and "devily".

Well, from now on i'll be posting only the truth about Dachshunds. You'll have to infer what you will from the pictures.

*no longer a fact


Susan Clayton said...

Upon reading the post about Mr. Bad, a young dachshund friend of mine lamented, "It is shameful what passes for acceptable journalism today. Inaccuracies and sensational reports about our kind abound in the media. Kudos to Bug for his noble efforts to put an end to these slanderous accounts concerning our character."

Lisa Spears said...

I didn't think anyone loved his dachshund as much as I love mine. Chipper is my chocolate dachshund and happens to be a neighbor of Bugs when he visits his family in Florida. Unfortunately, Chipper will not ever want to play with Bugs, as he is very anti-social to other dogs. But he loves his own family and we love him!