Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mr. Manager

Now there's one thing we know for sure, and that's that Alex would not do her work were it not for Bug's watchful eye (see the eye further below). also just happens that there is a soft bed in the sun right where Bug has found the ideal oversight vantage point.

By the way, and this is really just a word of caution to Dachshund owners, have any of you ever accidentally washed your Dachshund with the colors instead of the darks?


erica said...

michael: manager. we just say manager.

george michael: i know, but you--

michael: doesn't matter who.

vanessa said...

i heard distant whisperings of "updated" and hopefully believing bates to be speaking of bug-a-day refreshed the page to find this little treat.

bug's moving up in the world - he used to be my manager and after proving he could handle me, he was onto the bigger and brighter challenge of alex romero who's been known to show more interest in a show aptly named "little people, big world" than anything having to do with work.

vanessa said...

bug: gods speed. you really have your paws full with this slacker