Friday, August 17, 2007

Mr. So Sleepy

Dachshund Education, Session 449:
The Dachshund, including the lesser (in size) Baby Dachshund, is a lazy animal. When the Dachshunds owner gets up each morning, between 5 and 7, the Dachshund quickly leaps from bed, eats some food, and even more quickly flies back to the bed for more sleep. Though it would be impossible to conduct a rigorous scientific study of the Dachshund or his sleeping habits, it is estimated that the Dachshund can sleep up to 19 hours per day.
Bug is much too tired for his morning walk.

Yes, all Dachshunds sleep atop down comforters.


Jan said...

Now that is the dog that I would like to have at 819, not the one that I saw yesterday!

Elizabeth said...

That could not possibly be the Bug we know! xoxo One of the Grandmothers